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Our Three Steps Hiring and Onboarding Process


A typical hiring process
  • Search and shortlist a candidate from our pool of qualified candidates.
  • Interview shortlisted staff.
  • Hire or Reject the interviewed staff based on their performance.
  • If successful, the staff get hired and can work from one of our designated offshore offices or their home and your preferred time zone.
  • We provide professional working environment to remote staff by making sure they have the latest computer equipment, high speed internet, video camera and various other tools required for communication.
  • If the staff with your business needs and desired skills-set skills is not available on our website, you can call us directly with your staffing requirements or fill out our Contact Us form and provide us with the details of the job description. Our HR team will provide you with a shortlist of candidates for you to choose from and interview.

Communication Process

Direct communication with staff via Phone/Whatsapp/Skype

It is natural to have reservations while outsourcing your jobs to remotely located staff especially with regards to communication. With the advancement of the current technology and the tools at our disposal such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Phone or SMS, you can have a 24/7 direct access to your staff effortlessly. Almost every business organization passes thorough this phase of outsourcing obstacles. You just need to keep assured in knowing that we will act as fulltime liaison between you and your offshore staff thus making sure there is a three way communication involving you, us and the staff. If there is a lack of communication on one side, we make sure there is a backup available on other channel.

Below are the key components of the our communication process.

  • Direct communication between you (client) and the remote staff via phone, skype video, email and smart phone apps such as WhatsApp or Viber.
  • Direct communication between you (client) and the team of Offshore Staff here in Australia via direct phone or in person meetings. If required.
  • Our staffing managers oversees manage the offshore staff for our you by checking their work progress, attendance, task delivery, daily and weekly reports to view their performance and getting constant feedback from the client related to the staff performance.


What sets us apart?

We understand that every business is different, especially when it comes to staffing needs. We offer a truly customisable service package that mitigates your risk through proven strategies and

  • Australian Owned company with local presence and liability protection for our clients
  • No lock-in contracts - a flexible and scalable staffing solution
  • Free to start
  • 48-hour termination period
  • Free staff replacement service (within the first 6 months)
  • Save up to 80% in IT and BPO related expenses for your business
  • Enabling you to compete more effectively against your competitors.
  • Reducing your overtime bill.
  • Large pool of verified candidates (reference checks, paystubs, degree verification and rigorous interviews).
  • A heavy investment in your success
  • Suits businesses of any size
offshorestaff how its work

Payment Process

Multiple Payment Options

We have flexible payment options for our clients to pay staff wages or outsourcing services.
We accept payment in the form of

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer (BSB/Account Number)
  • Paypal
  • Credit Cards (All Major Credit Cards)

Give our Business Strategist TANVEER KHAN a call: +61 2 8091 6009

We would love to discuss with you about hiring any of our offshore staff or outsourcing your business process and needs.

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